Give back

We want our activities to have a positive social and environmental impact. Thus, we have many initiatives to protect and regenerate nature. However, it is also our responsibility to keep on connecting people to nature so that they learn to appreciate, respect, and protect it.


Association 82-4000


Since 2013, a French collective of passionate mountaineers rises to give access to the mountains to the underprivileged. The action proves that “success is conceivable, and that social boundaries can be crossed”. Millet helps the organisation by providing free equipment to its members such as interns, ensuring they are best equipped to enjoy the mountain experience. Giving a second wind to our products (end of life or discontinued products) becomes most important when it contributes to a noble cause.

France Nature Environnement


As part of the annual drive in October, Millet has been a dedicated contributor to Riders for Refugees since 2019, giving out warm clothes to refugees to help them get through the harsh winter season. These products are the prototypes sewn in the development process of our collections or returned goods that could not be repaired in-house, in Annecy.

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