Humain au cœur de l'activité



We get the majority involved in thematic working groups coordinated by the CSR manager and a CSR steering committee. Both are in direct contact with the top management to drive our social commitment strategy.

In doing so, we created a working group called Greenside Collective whose role is to take actions to reduce the impact of our activities in the workplace and on the well-being of our people.



Per region

50% France
27% Europe
23% Overseas

Per season

40% summer
60% winter

Per channel

60% BtoB
40% BtoC

Human scale business

720 employees worldwide
230 in France
60% outside of France
280 in our production facilities
65% are women


≈2.000 wholesale accounts worldwide
30+ countries
>1.6 M€ products sold every year

We are making every effort to set a strong corporate culture that puts the well-being of our people first, so they put the best products out on the market for our customers and for the planet.

To make this happen, we have been working for several years at installing trust, being transparent to our people, working to improve quality of life at work and to reduce the environmental impact of our headquarters.


of our global impact is the environmental impact of our internal activity (buildings, employees, travels, buying).


Since 2020, we have set a telework policy to allow employees who would like to work from home to do so. This not only supports work-life balance but lessens our environmental footprint through reduced commuting.

We also organize external workshops several times a year to welcome inspirational speakers, meet brand ambassadors, discuss CSR projects, and screen films about environmental or social commitment.


We know that air pollution from fine particles caused partly by transportation is one of the major environmental issue in the arc of the Alps, so we have put in place a commuter plan internally to reduce the impact of work commutes.

  • Carpooling is organized to reduce individual commute.
  • A bike share service is available on site, free of charge for all the employees of MILLET MOUNTAIN GROUP so they can commute between the different buildings and in the industrial park.
  • A covered bike stand provides shelter for staff bikes and showers are available for staff to freshen up after biking to work.
  • A Commuter Corporate Plan is being prepared by the group. It promotes the use of public transportation and other alternatives to private vehicles.


We propose a number of healthy solutions to our employees, promoting healthy eating habits all the while reducing our environmental impact:

  • In terms of food service, we have listed and geographically located organic and/or fair-trade local restaurants and shops for the staff.
  • Crates of apples from local orchards are delivered to the office and offered to the staff every week. It’s a good way to consume local seasonal produce and to look away from sugary snacks.
  • Reusable mugs were offered to all staff and coffee machines have replaced plastic cups.
  • Reusable cutlery kits and internal communication campaigns promote turning down disposable cutlery and containers offered by local merchants.


Millet Mountain Group has more than 600 employees. Thus, we must take internal waste management very seriously.

  • We have undertaken an awareness campaign about the sorting and recycling of waste in our different buildings and offices. We installed waste sorting bins in all the company's departments as well as instructions on how to separate paper, cardboard, plastic wraps, PET bottles, and even the compost bin.
  • All the company’s printers were set to black and white, recto-verso default settings.
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