The answer to all your expectations, whatever the adventure.

The new YARI range of backpacks are designed as the companion for every outdoor activity – hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and more… YARI backpacks are Millet’s response for athletes who want a versatile unit with a full array of smart features. Choose your capacity and color, then head off to savor the great outdoors.

Sac M100 Sac M100 Sac M100 Sac M100

Yari 34, 30, 28 AIRFLOW™

Compact volume ideal for multi-day trips with a night in a refuge, a weekend with a bivouac under the canvas.
. Very comfortable ergonomic carrying system
. AIRFLOW™ ventilated back

Yari packs
Yari packs

Yari 20, 24 AIRFLOW™
Light and minimalist

A multi-sport bag with a pure, compact design that adapts to all types of activities. The perfect ally for those who are looking for a light and discreet bag without sacrificing accessorization.